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Dean Crozier
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Acrylic and ink on canvas
91cm x 91cm
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Dean Crozier is a queer artist working in Brisbane. Dean's work is abstract in nature with the use of vibrant and strong colours.

Many of the pieces Dean produces revolve around situations or events which have had a personal impact.

Issues with mental health have been a strong influence on Dean's recent work and are best explored in an abstract style. The ability to explore emotional subjects through a pictorial representation results in works which have both visual appeal and emotional connections for the viewer.

"My piece 'Anxiety' tries in pictorial form to display the state of mind of someone suffering from anxiety. The sharp lines and varied colours move through the painting in a random fashion with no defined beginning or ending. They represent the inability of someone with depression and anxiety to focus a mind that feels out of control.

This work was created to try and explain what was going on in my head when being asked to make decisions on treatment and care options. The nature of the anxiety I was struggling with would not allow my mind to focus on any single thought without this endless onslaught of partial thoughts clouding my brain.

This work was the most effective way for me to communicate with my care professionals when verbal communication was not an effective option."