A Rich Tapestry of Life by Sarah Frost
A Rich Tapestry of Life by Sarah Frost
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Artworks are first available for purchase by sponsors and dignitaries before being available in person at the Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artworks can also be purchased online following the event.

A Rich Tapestry of Life

Sarah Frost
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Collage mixed media on paper
48cm x 58cm
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"This illustration depicts the rich tapestry. Images have been combined with meaningful words that suggest positive strategies for those who live with mental illness.

The image is intentionally busy, which is a reflection of my mind. The more you look into the illustration, the more you see.

Take the time to read the words and reflect on the messages. The title, Illegitimi non carborundum, invites the viewer to research this Latin quote."

Born and raised in Cornwall, UK, Sarah Frost has lived in Papua New Guinea, Cairns and Brisbane. As an illustrator, Sarah worked with London publishers as a freelance artist. She has since become a learning consultant for children with learning difficulties, using her creativity to design visually meaningful illustrations that illustrate math concepts.

Sarah has attended the dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) program at RBWH to support her mental health condition - complex PTSD. This proved a difficult journey when she was often too ill to read the words.

Sarah designed Mindfully Awesum Art to support those with mental health problems - creating greeting cards, Christmas cards and calendars to support DBT skills. Strong imagery can help!

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