Sinking in Solitude by Lily Toivanen
Sinking in Solitude by Lily Toivanen
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Artworks are first available for purchase by sponsors and dignitaries before being available in person at the Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artworks can also be purchased online following the event.

Sinking in Solitude

Lily Toivanen
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Watercolour and pen on paper
37cm x 49cm
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"This artwork is inspired by Saki Tenma, a character from a rhythm game called Project Sekai. Saki lies in a bath, fully clothed, with an expression of longing on her face.

This piece reflects the feeling of drowning in isolation and feeling like you are not accepted because you are different. Setting the scene in a bathtub represents the sinking feeling of loneliness and wanting to escape from a world that doesn’t accept, include or understand people who are different."

Lily Toivanen is a young autistic woman with anxiety and depression. She has always been interested in art, becoming drawn to anime and manga as a teen.

School was difficult for Lily. Feeling isolated from peers because of her differences, she found comfort in fictional characters.

Lily draws interesting characters, capturing their personality through expressions, poses, surroundings and colours. Different emotions and personal experiences are portrayed. Using coloured pencils, pens and watercolours in soft, delicate hues, the focus of Lily’s art is the character’s face, eyes and expression.

Lily seeks to improve her skills, exploring manga styles and mediums. She hopes people will connect with the meaning of her art.

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