Blue Jacaranda by Traci Marlin
Blue Jacaranda by Traci Marlin
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Artworks are first available for purchase by sponsors and dignitaries before being available in person at the Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artworks can also be purchased online following the event.

Blue Jacaranda

Traci Marlin
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Watercolour and pastel on paper
96cm x 83cm
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"This beautiful, gracious, old tree once lived alongside Osborne Road. Admired by locals, neighbours and artists that came to paint her, she out-lived the residential home once there.

She has since sadly been cut down and her stone fence removed to make way for commercial developments. I aspired to capture her magnificent beauty in full bloom and hope that others will remember and appreciate our old trees."

Traci Marlin is driven with the desire to capture life’s expression in her art forms, being inspired by nature, people and Godly inclinations.

During a long illness as a child, Traci found comfort in drawing and colour. High school was her first encounter in art studies, learning elements of portraiture and fine arts.

Some 20 years later, Traci reconnected with her almost-forgotten desire to draw after attending a community course of ‘Drawing on the Right side of the Brain’ by Betty Edwards.

Traci’s practice in art gave her a sense of worth and healing from life’s hardships. It is truly gratifying when others appreciate her work.

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