Artist Spotlight: Leigh-Ellen Roundhill

From a young age, Leigh-Ellen Roundhill knew she was ‘different’. Growing up in an era where difference wasn’t exactly celebrated affected her mental health.

Leigh-Ellen was adopted at birth and had no knowledge of her family medical history. This meant that seeking the appropriate professional help was overlooked and more commonly swept under the rug.

Through observation and adaption, Leigh-Ellen learned social cues and expectations, but this was to her detriment. From childhood, Leigh-Ellen struggled to fit in and spent much of her life alone - exploring nature and using her vivid imagination.

“I found comfort in my imagination and would express myself through various artistic activities.”

Artist, Leigh-Ellen Roundhill finds inspiration from everything and everywhere. She says she feels honoured to exhibit in the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition. 

Well into her adult years, Leigh-Ellen continued to struggle to receive the help she needed. The unfolding of traumatic events shaped her life direction and by her mid-20s, Leigh-Ellen was left to defend for herself.

“I sought, at different periods, many professionals and various medications – these did not prove successful. It was at this time I found myself painting. That was about 15 years ago. It became my therapy – a safe space to express myself. Through my artwork, I gained insight and relief.”

“There have been a number of contributing factors that have impacted my mental and physical health – these all affected me. Before I knew my biological history, there were missing links.”

Seven years ago, Leigh-Ellen’s half biological sister made contact and after connecting with her biological parents and siblings, Leigh-Ellen finally understood herself better.

“It became apparent I wasn’t coping and was quite unwell. With the knowledge of my biological history, I finally found a psychiatrist I could relate to and was given the correct medication. This changed and saved my life. My mind became a sponge for knowledge – both in my own personal understanding and with art.”

"Sink or Swim" by Leigh-Ellen Roundhill is on display at the 2021 Recovered Futures Art Exhibition.

After a lifetime of hardship, Leigh-Ellen has persevered to get to where she is today. She says persevering is something that’s not easy, but worth it in the long run.

“Knowing who you are, finding a professional you can relate to and being honest - to yourself and them, is important so you can get the help you need.”

Leigh-Ellen is a prolific painter and finds inspiration from everything and everywhere. She feels honoured to exhibit in the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition. It provides an opportunity to share in her mental health progress and skills as an artist.

“I look forward to these exhibitions to show mental health in more a more positive way and encourage those living with mental health issues to persevere.”