Nature's Lens by Gillian Richards
Nature's Lens by Gillian Richards
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Artworks are first available for purchase by sponsors and dignitaries before being available in person at the Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artworks can also be purchased online following the event.

Nature's Lens

Gillian Richards
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Mixed media monoprint on paper
58cm x 65cm
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"My artwork explores the concept of overcoming life’s challenges through shifting our perspective. By adopting an earth-centric viewpoint, we realise that our perception of problems are often opportunities for growth.

Uneven ground, which may seem troublesome, actually provides refuge and supports entire ecosystems through water catchments. Similarly, boulders symbolise new perspectives that allow us to steadfastly navigate obstacles and gain advantageous vantage points.

Through this artwork, I aim to inspire viewers to embrace nature’s lens and find resilience amidst adversity."

Gillian Richards, a visual poet, examines our responses to social issues and an Earth in crisis. Her art is an amalgam of writing and image-making through poetry, printmaking, painting, sculptural poetry and artist books.

From 2015-2018, Gillian battled mental and physical illness. She reflects on this with gratitude, acknowledging the gifts of time, guidance and reflection in understanding her own story. This has been instrumental in her surrendering entirely to her art practice.

Gillian started exhibiting in Brisbane in 2021 with the group exhibition Table 21, then the 2022 Recovered Futures Art Exhibition. This year, she partnered with Rachael Lee in the Walk Gently Exhibition at Logan Art Gallery.

Originally from Melbourne, Gillian now creates in her Gold Coast (Bullongin Country) studio.

Follow Gillian on Instagram and visit her website