Finding True Self by Joanne Brady
Finding True Self by Joanne Brady
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Artworks are first available for purchase by sponsors and dignitaries before being available in person at the Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artworks can also be purchased online following the event.

Finding True Self

Joanne Braddy
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Acrylic on canvas
41cm x 51cm
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"Some days are magical - you feel inner love, strength and the beauty of the world.

Some days you have a fog over you - trying to hold yourself together; trying to find the inner strength inside of you.

These can be the days that show you the real strength and compassion that you have.

These are the days that you hang on to love, be there for yourself and hold inner strength."

Joanne Braddy primarily uses the techniques of painting and ceramics to create emotional self-portraits. Each artwork is a new journey she bravely embarks upon.

Joanne has lived experience with depression and has expressed the great courage she must summon to push through the darkness of her mind to see the light.

Joanne finds channelling her emotions through her artwork painful at times, yet she tirelessly reveals the beauty hidden within. Joanne beautifully describes her artwork as pieces of her soul infused into the canvas.

Through her artwork, Joanne expresses that painful emotions are valid and essential to our life journey, not something to be ashamed of. They are beautiful because they are part of us all.

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