When Will I See You Again

Artworks are first available for purchase in-person at the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artwork will be available for purchase online following the event.

When Will I See You Again

Sue Yule
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Water soluable oil on canvas
61cm x 92cm
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Sue Yule has lived in Forest Lake, Brisbane for the past 24 years. Sue's art is informed by natural and domestic surroundings - nature has been a life-long inspiration. As a child, Sue would observe with great curiosity and wonder the beauty and intricacy of plants, flowers and wild life. Sue also has fond nostalgic memories of domestic life as a child.

Sue enjoys exploring the neighbourhood and takes photos for a catalogue of inspiration and reference. Sue then uses these snapshots of time in her studio where concepts come to life through paint and pigment.

Sue is primarily a 2D visual artist painting in acrylic, oils or soft pastels, depending on her subject choice. Additionally, Sue is a printmaker, using lino-printing and mono printing with natural found materials, along with free-form crochet and terracotta pot painting.

Recently, Sue made the decision to change painting styles - from photo hyperrealism to gesturalism. This was due to Sue's disability causing chronic pain and an inability to concentrate for long periods of time. Moving to a more gestural style of painting has allowed Sue to work in shorter bursts of time and to bring more looseness and movement into her body when creating art.

Sue's primary NDIS goal is to become a professional artist and be able to financially support herself by selling art.

"This painting is about waiting to see loved ones, especially throughout COVID restrictions, with one cup being full and one cup being empty."

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