What Lies Beneath by Leisa O’Gorman
What Lies Beneath by Leisa O’Gorman
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What Lies Beneath

Leisa O’Gorman
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Acrylic on canvas
46cm x 46cm
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"I created this piece to reflect the wildness of the sea, underneath a darkening sky. Not unlike the emotional storm that I could sense before my mother descended into a depressive episode, I can now appreciate the depth and complexity of what lies beneath a tumultuous sea.

There is chaos; uncertainty. The safety of the shore lies, intangibly, beneath the waves; obscured, but waiting for the calm beyond the storm to appear once more."

Leisa O’Gorman is a Brisbane artist who works mostly in acrylics. Much of Leisa's work draws inspiration from nature and she enjoys conveying the evocative tones of coastal landscapes through abstract expression.

As a social worker who specialises in mental health, Leisa likes to bring an emotive quality to her work, reflecting deeply on the inner landscape, as much as the natural world.

Leisa was a carer of her late mother, who experienced significant episodes of depression and psychosis throughout her life. Since her mother's passing, Leisa has grown to appreciate her tremendous strength and resilience on this journey.

Leisa uses painting as a form of self-expression, reflection and meditation.

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