Thought Sitting Chair

Artworks are first available for purchase in-person at the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artwork will be available for purchase online following the event.

Thought Sitting Chair

Nick Birch
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Oil on canvas
61cm x 92cm
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Born in Brisbane in 1979, Nick Birch grew up in the coastal town of Noosa Heads and the small country city of Armidale, before returning to Brisbane in 1997 to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Production.

Nick started his career in the creative industries in 2000, but it was cut short in 2012 due to illness, and he began his long battle with chronic treatment-resistant major depressive disorder and chronic anxiety.

After a long hiatus from traditional media, and without the creative outlet from work, Nick began scribbling again. He dedicated a great amount of time to creative therapy; painting and drawing as a form of catharsis to aid his recovery, which has been long and arduous.

After trying 17 different medications and therapies, and over 460 nights spent in hospital and counting, Nick is now a devoted house-husband and proud father of three. He finished a Master of Creative Enterprise with Distinction and also started cartooning—creating the webcomic 'Little Life Lines'.

Nick draws inspiration from nature and the details of ordinary things. He likes to explore relationships between colour and forms that create rhythms and musical relationships.

Toil 'til you fall
And make your amends
This time it's not over
Not over again

Strange to feel something
When nothing is there
The hopeless abandoned
Thought Sitting Chair

Get up and leave
The thoughts then pass by
Like driftwood gone drifting
Adrift in the sky

It's air, it is nothing
Not yours to keep
So let the poor thoughts
Go back in the deep