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Carissa Belham
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Acrylic on canvas
60cm x 60cm
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Carissa Belham has recently added published author to the impressive list of feathers in her cap, including artist and business owner of Risso Creative. Carissa’s artistic style varies from custom abstract works to one-off drawings and paintings for screen printing onto t-shirts. She is a versatile artist who says art helps her maintain balance, wellbeing and clarity in her life.

Carissa lives with Bipolar disorder and believes in the healing power of art in helping manage mental illness – in fact, the tagline for Risso Creative is ‘enhancing wellbeing by creativity’.

Carissa has recently fulfilled a life dream by relocating to the Sunshine Coast, where she is working part-time while managing her arts organisation. Her memoir, ‘A Girl With a Mexican Hat, One Shoe and a Boogie Board’ will be released in 2022.

"This artwork centres on the moment when you’re unsure of what the outcome of a situation will be. It addresses a lack of clear vision regarding how things will roll out. This was the state of mind I was in when I created this work; I was feeling unsettled, didn’t have a plan and didn’t know what to expect. The abstract, chaotic nature of this piece evokes feelings of uncertainty, exhaustion and frustration that are synonymous with living in a COVID-19 world."

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