Just the Two of Us

Artworks are first available for purchase in-person at the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artwork will be available for purchase online following the event.

Just the Two of Us

Febe Zylstra
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Mixed media on canvas
101cm x 101cm
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Living with Bipolar disorder challenges Febe Zylstra most days, but she chooses not to focus on this as something that defines her life. Instead, Febe works hard at staying mentally healthy and trying to break down the stigma associated with mental health disorders.

Art is very much Febe's therapy and plays a significant part in helping stay on track.
Febe's evolving styles and themes can be contributed to a love of experimenting with materials and texture, and are also inspired by Febe's mood, emotions, memories and immediate surroundings.

Febe has always used recurring symbolic references in her work, such as balloons, flowers and birds/animals (often used as totems). Febe's figures are the carrier of these symbolic references whether in the landscape or as a stand-alone figures.

"Having Bipolar disorder, I see the light and hope when having a manic episode and the dark when I am in a deep depression. This painting is about the support of family and friends during these times, no matter what. I know my life would be different without them.

I choose not to hide my Bipolar disorder in the hopes of breaking down the stigma often associated with mental health."