Euclyptus Flowering

Artworks are first available for purchase in-person at the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artwork will be available for purchase online following the event.

Eucalyptus Flowering

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Watercolour on paper
30cm x 37cm
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Brockilli is a veteran who served on the frontline of Iraq, Timor-Leste and Afghanistan.

After suffering silently for years from PTSD, depression and schizoaffective disorder, he required hospitalisation in July 2020 and March 2021. It was during his treatment in March 2021 that he found the medium of art which allowed him to find meaning, purpose and, ultimately, the important capacity to express creativity that would play an important role in his recovery.

In this exhibit, Brockilli has chosen to focus on nature as a means of acknowledging the important role it plays in promoting wellbeing.

Brockilli's great-grandfather had painted extensive Australiana landscapes, including billabongs and countryside portraits. With this in mind, Brockilli has taken inspiration of his own interpretation of Australian nature, incorporating his memories from childhood.

Inspired by the Australian landscapes that Brockilli's Great-grandfather had portrayed as well as the realisation of how effective time amongst nature can be for recovery and wellbeing, this piece was also inspired by the amazing smell that eucalyptus produces and its abundance throughout Australia.

This artwork was the first watercolour that Brockilli had painted during a diversional therapy group and promoted a near instant enjoyment for the process of creating and expressing that art affords.

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