Artworks are first available for purchase in-person at the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artwork will be available for purchase online following the event.


Phoebe Hofsteede in collaboration with Nikita Magdelena
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Mixed media collage over photograph
54cm x 69cm
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Phoebe Hofsteede is a photographic mixed media artist based in South-East Queensland.

Phoebe specialises in fine art and portrait photography - adding mixed media elements to her printed photographs. 

Phoebe has developed her style over the years through studying Visual Arts at QUT, and Photography at QCA. This has allowed Phoebe to combine her love of collage and crafting with her photographs. 

By working with mixed media such as hand pressed flowers, leaves, vintage papers and more, Phoebe is able to bring back a sense of craftsmanship to her practice, creating unique pieces of artwork, adding elements of surrealism, magic and mystery to her imagery. 

Personal reflections, mental health, nostalgia and a love of nature are topics Phoebe explores throughout her art practice, with an emphasis on sustainability by using recycled materials to create her works.


This art series titled, ‘Soul Flowering’, is a collaboration between Phoebe Hofsteede and Nikita Magdalena.

‘Soul Flowering’ was conceptualised by writer and creative, Nikita Magdalena, after her time living in Bali with a Hindu priest. During her time in Bali, Nikita intimately learnt the ancient ritual of Flower Offerings. This prayerful practice connects the people of Bali to the earth and to their Gods. They believe it is the Flower Offerings which keeps the island moving harmoniously. Their Flower Offerings bless the home, the people, the village and the day to come. This ancient ritual of Flower Offerings forms the foundation and inspiration for this collection of original artworks.

This art series is prayerfully made with the intention to bless your home and become your daily Flower Offering. ‘Soul Flowering’ invites you to blossom in the garden of life, to romance with the beauty of femininity, to explore boundlessly with a child-like heart, to feel a loving presence and to love a new way forward of petals and prayers. Reminding you now is your time to bloom.

The marriage between Phoebe and Nikita’s creativity, spirituality and mutual love for flowers has brought together a series of special original artworks that they hope will illuminate the soul. Phoebe and Nikita’s friendship began two years ago at an RFQ Art Exhibition when Nikita first saw Phoebe’s artwork after returning from Bali. What started as a creative collaboration, quickly bloomed into a friendship and sacred bond. These original artworks not only tells the story of how the soul flowers, but also amongst the petals lies a story of a growing friendship.


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