Billabong Magic

Artworks are first available for purchase in-person at the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artwork will be available for purchase online following the event.

Billabong Magic

Sammy.B "Abstract Artist"
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Acrylic paint, glitter and canvas varnish gloss spray on canvas
40cm x 42cm
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Sammy.B “Abstract Artist” has always had a love of painting, art and crafts. In fact, a first memory is as a two-year-old spilling a tub of green paint.

Throughout life, Sammy.B “Abstract Artist” has experienced severe bullying and abuse for being different. In 2010, Sammy.B “Abstract Artist” became permanently, physically disabled from major spine injuries, and is no longer able to work. Since that time, Sammy.B “Abstract Artist” also been diagnosed with chronic depression, PTSD, OCD, moderate Asperger's syndrome, anxiety and chronic fibromyalgia auto immune disorder.

Since Sammy.B “Abstract Artist” doesn't feel anything emotionally, happiness is through abstract painting, art and crafts - a space where they can express feelings and emotions through artwork.

Because Sammy.B “Abstract Artist” has been at home 24/7 for the past 11 years due to physical and mental health problems, when well enough, Sammy.B “Abstract Artist” does as much painting, art and craft as possible - as therapy.

Sammy.B “Abstract Artist” has never entered an art exhibition before and is very excited to share paintings with the world for the first time.

A firm believer that there’s ability in disability, Sammy.B “Abstract Artist”'s paintings, art and crafts are unique.

"My work consists of several shades of blues and greens swirled with white, and decorated with colourful different shapes of glitter. My inspiration came from my love of the Australian bush, nature and billabongs."