Beautiful Dreams

Artworks are first available for purchase in-person at the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artwork will be available for purchase online following the event.

Beautiful Dreams

JoAnn Cutler
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Ink multimedia painting
37cm x 50cm
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JoAnn Cutler is a Gold Coast-based artist whose subjects often follow a sea theme - due to a love of the ocean and the beauty of her natural surroundings.

JoAnn is inspired by modern artists - Tracey Verdugo’s colourful, loose and expressive multimedia artwork and Charla Maarschalk’s bold colours and abstract portraiture. Despite wanting some form of realism in portraits, JoAnn also explores multimedia, bold colours, textures and doodles.

JoAnn is fascinated with the Fauvism style of pure and brilliant colour and the radical use of unnatural colours. Colour selections are broader, based on colour strings rather than a strict interpretation of Fauvism, but JoAnn uses unnatural colours to show tonal values.

JoAnn considers her role of Art Team Leader with a major Queensland disability service provider to be a great privilege. JoAnn was encouraged to reach out and teach more people when seeing how clients responded to teaching methods, and the art they were producing. As a result, JoAnn recently opened a studio to facilitate creative arts recreational escapes for people of all abilities. The space has allowed JoAnn's artistic creativity to let loose, and JoAnn is enjoying teaching and inspiring others.

"By stepping into the unknown and going with the flow, I made choices of beautiful ink colours, crayons, watercolour and pencils for this artwork. I used a skewer in the process of exploration and discovery to create marks and feathers. As the ink flows down the page, so too do good dreams trickle down the hanging feathers and beads to soothe and calm a person sleeping."

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