Baby Brain

Artworks are first available for purchase in-person at the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition in Brisbane. Unsold artwork will be available for purchase online following the event.

Baby Brain

Felicity Clarke
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Paper quilling
50cm x 50cm
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Felicity Clarke has always been a textile and mixed media artist creating works which are bespoke and self-designed.

Felicity's primary source of inspiration comes from replicating images of nature and the world around us, using non-traditional upcycled materials, along with recognisable fibres, textures and mediums in a 3D or sculptural format. Recently, Felicity's work encompasses exploring internal landscapes of the mind and body while working through her own disability and PTSD.

Felicity's art has been therapeutic and cathartic during recuperation, and Felicity thinks others facing similar experiences could also benefit from a broader conversation about mental health and other conditions.

Felicity's works range from textile landscapes, art quilts, 3D stitched sketches on silk organza, multi-layered mixed media figures, nudes and lighting. Current artworks focus on thermal, PET and MRI imaging of the brain with mental health, ageing and addiction. The beautiful colours and firing synapses belie terrible diseases. Felicity likes the contrast of light and dark, and beauty in ugliness.

Felicity continues working on her art daily. A new body of work “Lifting the Veil on the Unseen - A Textile Interpretation of the Mind”, a mixture of installation, paper and textile pieces, went on display at Art From The Margins Gallery in March 2020. It was unfortunately closed a week later when COVID hit.

"This work is a 3D paper quilling piece based on a vintage psychology illustration referencing the belief, at the time, that fertility began in the brain and that hysteria was a female madness related to the lack of a normal sexual life: Plato, in Timaeus, argues that the uterus is sad and unfortunate when it does not join with the male and does not give rise to a new birth... Even Sigmund Freud believed that hysteria was the consequence of the lack of conception and motherhood. Hence the term Baby Brain."

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