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Isabel Cross
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Resin on board
50cm diameter
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Isabel Cross is a self-taught, non-binary artist who has had a devotion for all things creative ever since they were a child.

They use art as an expression of their sexuality and gender identity, but also to further understand and cope with the difficulties of their disabilities and mental health. They create with various mediums such as acrylics, sculpture, sketches, resin, embroidery, literature, mixed media, and many more.

Isabel is an empathetic person who has years of experience in mental health, both lived and as a carer. They also help as a volunteer to run workshops at QSPACE, a support group for LGBTQIA+ youth on the Gold Coast. They are passionate about one day becoming a qualified art therapist and continuing to help others discover the art inside themselves.

Support from key workers and communities have saved Isabel countless times over the years, and without that support, they wouldn’t be here today.

"I created this resin piece with the intention of illustrating/epitomising the fluidity of a person, of life. How we are not stagnant things, we are ever-changing, adapting and growing. And this is more apparent in myself, for I and many others are an embodiment of overflowing boundaries and the norm.

Resin is the same; it can be a tricky medium that can result in accidents and irregularities and stray from the original design but that’s what makes it unique and exciting, and most of all one of a kind - even if you try to replicate it!

The entire universe is fluid around us and if we work together we can become even more creative and daring creatures too.

Diversity is everywhere and how we choose to show it is spectacular!"