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Kerry Dodds
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Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
45cm x 45cm
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Kerry Dodds works from her home in Petrie, Queensland. She lived in England until her teens, before emigrating with her family in 1973.

Kerry has a fascination with light and colour and how they affect or convey mood, which is what inspired her to begin painting as therapy in 2019. Having never painted before, she was drawn to the classics, Turner and Monet and contemporary artist David Hockney as well as Australian artist Debbie MacKinnon, amongst others.

Kerry has no formal training but has undertaken many online offerings, the most notable by British artist, Louise Fletcher, which was a 10-week course called ‘Find Your Joy’. Here Kerry learnt lots of techniques, focus, discovery and found joy in life once again.

Kerry attends a weekly watercolour workshop with Ann Russell, who has become a valued mentor and inspiration.

Primarily an acrylic and mixed media artist, Kerry also enjoys working with watercolours and water mixable oils. She is inspired by landscapes both figurative and abstract, but also indulges in purely abstract works which convey feeling as a means of therapy and pure enjoyment.

Kerry would like to eventually be able to enter shows regularly and would love to sell her work. She would also like to connect with other artists.

"Alone in a world full of people – stigmatised, avoided and floating in a sea of invisibility. In my sadness I found a strange kind of peace."

Solitude brought me art, expression and creativity that I had never experienced before.

Blue is said to be the colour of calm and serenity but is also used to describe low mood/sadness and the colour green signifies hope and renewal. I have used both here in tonal variations to describe the emotions and journey."